Charlie Crist on the National Scene

Florida’s Governor, Charlie Crist, has been getting some major publicity on the national scene. First, because he was one of the few Republican bright spots in 2006 – a breakwater amidst the Democratic wave.

Now a USA Today columnist, DeWayne Wickam, mentions that Gov. Crist could be the future of American politics. To be sure, it could be a case of a liberal liking a moderate Republican.

So his motivation for praising Gov. Crist could be questioned.

But I think he has a point. Charlie Crist will certainly explore national office, either the U.S. Senate or even a run for the White House. A lot depends on what happens in 2008, and Governor Crist will be among the short list for VP, and probably get a prime-time speech at the Republican National Convention.

Moreover, Governor Crist will probably be re-elected in a walk in 2010. That means he will be the (very) popular governor of the 4th (or 3rd?) largest state going into the first election following a new census — one in which Florida could get 2 or even 3 more electoral votes.

If a Democrat (Clinton, Edwards, Obama, Richardson) is elected in 2008, I expect Governor Crist will run for President in 2012. If a Republican is elected (Giuliani, McCain, Romney, Gingrich, Thompson), he could take on Bill Nelson in 2012. He could also be grabbed as a Vice Presidential nominee as well – maybe not in 2008, but certainly in 2012.

If liberals keep loving him, and he doesn’t alienate the conservatives (see Mr. G’s post on PEER Review FL), then Crist will be the media darling.

His only draw back will be name recognition. Giuliani got his from 9/11 – and I don’t want Crist to get his from a disaster. But as long as he remains willing to talk to the national media, he will grow in popularity.

So, let me be among the first:

Crist for Pres

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4 Responses to Charlie Crist on the National Scene

  1. Assuming Crist will run in 2012 hinges on whether Tancredo runs and then wins 60 percent of the general election vote on his anti-immigration platform. Tancredo is like the Juggernaut in X-Men. Obama trembles in fear of Tancredo’s charisma and public speaking skills.

  2. Jim Johnson says:


    With the sarcasm dripping off your comment, I can’t tell what you think of a Crist-for-President campaign…

  3. Jim, I am deeply offended that you think I would speak of Tom Tancredo in jest. Anyone who reads my blog will know Tancredo and I are ideological kindred spirits.

    If Crist ran, I would be interested to see if he tries to reinvent himself like Mitt Romney. Crist ran for Governor has a Jeb Bush Republican. I think we can both agree Crist hardly fits the bill.

    If the Republican nominee is Giuliani then Crist won’t be the VP nominee. Giuliani is polling well in Florida and would want a VP to the right of him to counter criticism from the base.

    The GOP field looks weak. McCain is imploding and Romney is coming off as a poser conservative. The field is open for someone like Newt Gingrich. (Which would scare the hell out of me.) Fred Thompson’s cancer might have ended his presidential bid before it started.

    How about Christopher Dodd and Mike Huckabee? Those two are on fire.

  4. voxpopuli says:

    But, the burning question is: are any of them lifelong hunters?

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