Florida Legislature: Preview of Day 42

HouseFlorida House of Representatives

The only substantive thing on the House agenda today is a presentation on the various models insurance companies use to predict losses. You may recall prior to the January Special Session on Insurance, House Speaker Marco Rubio wanted to take a closer look at these models. I posted about it at the time:

The primary computer model used to justify rate increases is flawed based on faulty science. The model, used by more than 400 insurance companies, was previously based on 100 years worth of storm data. It was changed to use just five years of storm data. This change caused the projected losses to increase by 40% over the old model. Apparently, the change was requested at the behest of the insurance industry.

The media reports on this presentation should make for an interesting read.

SenateFlorida Senate

It’s also a light day in the Senate. The Senate Commerce Committee will hear SB 2496 by Sen. Mike Haridopolos, creating a state-grant program for adult stem cell research. The Senate Regulated Industries Committee will hear the number one bill on my Top Ten Amusing Bills for the 2007 Session: SB 1462 by Sen. Victor Crist, which spells out the health requirements for restaurant bathrooms.

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