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A friend and reader sent me this email:

You know about this new person from Chicago that is our new transportation expert? are we getting a new bus system? Light rail? I know you are doing session stuff on your blog but I would love to see something on this.

Well, I thought I would respond in a couple of ways.

First, the new person – Elain McCloud – will start next Monday. I have sent a request to the City of Tampa to set up an interview. If that can be set up, I will post it here and at Sticks of Fire.

Second, everyone should know about the good work David Piniero does with Tampa Rail. He has a good post today talking about an interview Ed Turanchik gave on WUSF radio last week. Everyone should check out the post and the USF podcast.

I am a big supporter of rail in the Tampa Bay area – but I defer to David’s expertise in bringing the issue to our local readers. His website is a great source of information. Subscribe to his feed and keep up with the Rail issues here in Tampa.

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  1. Craig says:

    I think the Tampa rail system should serve as a manner of connecting the Bay area (Tampa and St. Petersburg) and also serve as a conduit for business professionals and travelers to get throughout the area without the drain on the fuel system and the already congested highways. As a former resident i always lamented having to go to St. Petersburg to enjoy the beach area, the ball park or just the restaurants there and in the Tampa area watching the NFL and the pre-season Yankees always seemed too cumbersome because parking in the Bay area does not accomodate an influx of visitors or the rapid population increase.

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