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Bob O’Malley of PEER Review Florida is lamenting that his preferred Republican candidate, Sam Brownback, isn’t gaining any momentum. He suggests, perhaps, that a new candidate may be in order.

Of course, he is hoping against hope that Jeb Bush comes in like a white knight to save the party. Perhaps he should consider another alternative:

Fred Thompson
The Tampa Pirate really seems to like former Senator Fred Thompson:

Now we are coming up on 2008 and [Thompson] is being called to serve his country again. This time the call is coming from Americans who are tired of politics as usual. They are tired of career politicians and generations of aristocracy stealing elections over and over. For the first time in ages we have an average guy who is not the lesser of the evils, he is the best man for the job. He is honest and upfront and doesn’t flip-flop when the times get tough. He is also Pro-life and Pro-marriage (only between a man and a woman). He IS what America needs.

It seems that Congressman Adam Putnam may be a Thompson fan as well. William March, of the Tampa Tribune reports:

A front-page photo Thursday in a Capitol Hill newspaper of Rep. Adam Putnam escorting former Sen. Fred Thompson – a possible presidential candidate—to a closed-door meeting with other GOP lawmakers is raising eyebrows in Washington.

A Putnam spokesman acknowledges the Roll Call photo is generating inquiries about whether the Bartow Republican may cast his lot with the “Law & Order” star, should the Tennessean decide to run for the White House.

But spokesman Ed Patru warns that jumping to that conclusion would simply be reading too much into Putnam’s arrival with Thompson at the Capitol Hill Club to the private meeting with 53 other GOP lawmakers.

For those interested, Senator Thompson will be in the Tampa area next month. (Hat tip to the Political Whore)

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6 Responses to The Fred Thompson

  1. Mark Spence says:


    Thanks for the props. I know you and I have held a similar view that the country needs some political CPR. I believe that Mr. Thompson will be that guy. The GOP wants to get behind him, but he is not their choice. I have gotten that by a very good friend who is a well connected GOP member. Nothing will irritate them more than having to basically throw away the millions they have spent on their candidates. LOL.

    Keep up the great work.

    The Tampa Pirate

  2. Mr. G says:

    I’m pretty sure Bob’s candidate of choice is Senator Sam Brownback. His post also links to a post about supporting Brownback.

  3. Jim Johnson says:

    Thanks, Mr. G. I hadn’t looked at his other posts… and I get you guys at PEER a little confused sometimes 😉

    I updated the post.

    Thanks, Mark. I appreciate the kudos. I noticed you updated your feed to use FeedBurner a little more. Good idea.

  4. Mark Spence says:


    Your blog is one of the most interesting I read. I have enjoyed it very much. Congrats on the FCC panel gig. Very, very cool bro.

    Yes I started using feedburner it is good, I enjoy it.

    The Tampa Pirate

  5. Mr. G says:

    Even I get all the Misters confused sometimes…

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