Uber-Conservative Dan Webster on House Tax Plan

You have to love it when even the most conservative stalwarts question the outrageous tax plan offered by House Speaker Marco Rubio:

The House’s plan to replace property taxes on primary homes for increased sales tax would never pass muster in a statewide referendum, Senate negotiators said Tuesday.

“I am 100 percent sure it would be very difficult to pass, err, impossible to pass,” said Sen. Dan Webster. (The Buzz)


Senate Majority Leader Daniel Webster, R-Winter Garden, shook things up when he declared that the House plan — a constitutional amendment to eliminate property taxes on all homesteads but add up to 2.5 cents to the sales tax, which voters would have to approve by a two-thirds margin — was pointless because it would never be approved.

“The sales tax is a regressive tax. And the more you raise it, the more regressive it becomes,” Webster said. “The poor are going to get poorer, and the rich are going to get richer.” (Central Florida Politics)

Can you say Special Session?


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