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April 27, 2007

“Ought to be a Law” Student Bill HB 1161/SB 2458 Goes to the Floor for a Vote in the House of Representatives and Senate

Tallahassee –Friday, April 27th students from Representative Kevin Ambler (R-Lutz) and Senator Victor Crist’s (R-Tampa) 3rd annual “Ought to be a Law” Student Bill Drafting Competition travel to Tallahassee with their parents and teachers to watch from the gallery as Representative Ambler presents their bill on the House Floor. HB 1161 will be debated and voted on after the lunch break in the House. If the bill receives favorable passage then Senator Crist will take up HB 1161 immediately following on the Senate floor later today. A press conference will follow at 5:00 pm TODAY outside the House Chamber doors. The time of the press conference is dependent upon the agenda on the House and Senate floor.

The High School to Business Career Enhancement Act creates the first statewide internship program for high school students. HB 1161 authorizes all 67 school districts to establish partnerships with local businesses and cultivate educational opportunities and professional experiences for semester long internships. HB 1161 also clarifies those businesses employing student interns in this program are not subject to unemployment tax under ch. 443.

“It takes perseverance, patience and tenacity to pass a bill in the Florida Legislature. Sen. Crist and I are optimistic that today’s vote on the House and Senate floors reveals that high school students truly need an internship program to successfully compete in the 21st century ,” Rep. Ambler said.

The team of students visiting the e bill presentations in the Chambers are: Jennifer Madden (Gaither High School), Hannah Volz (Sickles High School), Brett Palaschak (Spoto High School), Sam Jennings (Jefferson High School) Aaron Sykes (Plant City High School), Ron Holly (Durant High School), Tomas Gacio (Bloomingdale High School) and Stephani Plourde (Alonso High School).

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