Governor Crist’s Weekly Radio Address: April 27

Governor Charlie Crist
Here is Governor Charlie Crist’s most recent podcast is available… click here to listen to it.

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3 Responses to Governor Crist’s Weekly Radio Address: April 27

  1. John Dimino says:

    I would like to know how our insurance company could raise my homeowners policy by $1252.00 today 4/30/2007 when I in fact paid them in full for this year in feb of 2007? I thought the rates were supposed to be going down. My homeowners policy now is over $4000.00. I am on a fixed income. These policies are sure to make people move out of Florida. Hope to here from you. John Dimino

  2. John Zurek says:

    It would be my honor to pursue solutions to the double and triple homeowners insurance rates, but I too busy trying to earn enough money to pay for it. I don’t even have time to figure out what has been done so far. It is confusing and unclear. I am also trying to pay for health insurance, flood insurance, property taxes, increased electricity and water costs, and about every other thing except telephone service. That has been reasonable. I wonder why?

    There is no evidence of any substancial action from any branch of our government to provide relief for the middle-class of our nation. I can only conclude that is not without reason that is very much self-serving on the government’s part.

    For the people? Bullshit!

  3. Richard Try says:

    Where is the insurance reform? My neighbors are not having home owner policies renewed by their ins. companies, and rates have risen 50%. It seems all the acclaim about insurance rates hasn’t resulted in much practical follow-rough. The current house proposal to roll back taxes to 2003 levels is ridicilious. Who of us can operate our 2007 budgets with what was on the table in 2003? I do not want a reduction in local government services!

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