Florida Legislature: Preview of Day 56

This is the last week of the 2007 Legislative Session. As the end approaches, both the House and Senate will shift to “pocket calendars.” There will be more bills availalble in each chamber than either would have time to debate and pass, so the leadership picks a number, usually 10-15 at a time, that will be heard. As they approach the end of one pocket calendar, the next pocket calendar is released. This gives the members an idea which bills will be heard, but usually only with an hour or two of notice.

HouseFlorida House of Representatives

By rule, today is the last day any bill on second reading can be taken up via the Special Order Calendar. (NOTE: Rules can be waived by a two-thirds vote of the House). On this day in the past, the last day for bills on Special Order, the House usually doesn’t take up a lot of bills on third reading. This allows the chamber to put as many bills into proper posture for consideration during the remaining four days of the Session.

The House Special Order Calendar is not available online as of press time. There are 61 House Bills on third reading, some of which are interesting – but as noted earlier may not pass today.

SenateFlorida Senate

Today’s Senate Special Order Calendar includes a number of bills, but none worth mentioning here. (None of them seem particularly controversial at first glance.) The same is true for the 48 Senate Bills on third reading, mostly noncontroversial social service and education bills.

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