Edwards’ Gimmick: Virtual Postcards

Okay, so I get the following email today from Senator Edwards’ campaign

Edwards Campaign
Dear Friend,

Four years ago today, George Bush landed an S-3B Viking jet on the USS Lincoln and told America that major combat operations were over—mission accomplished. It wasn’t. The troops have done everything they were asked. They deserve a hero’s welcome. They deserve to come home.

Last November, we sent a new Congress to Washington with their own mission: stand up to President Bush and end the war. Congress has taken a critical first step, but it’s up to us to make sure they finish the job.

We must send our voice directly to Washington: We’re sending Congress customized postcards, calling on them to stand strong until they’ve accomplished their mission and brought the troops home. You can customize and send yours by clicking below:


And we must speak up in our communities: MoveOn.org and a coalition of progressive groups are organizing emergency rallies in hundreds of cities nationwide, calling on Congress to stand firm. You can find and join a rally by clicking here.

However you choose to speak out, please encourage others to join you. It will take all of us working together to end this war.

Thank you,

David Bonior
Campaign Manager, John Edwards for President
Veteran, United States Air Force (1968-1972)

Yes, all the Democrats are having still having fun with the whole “Mission Accomplished” thing… which was really quite a bonehead move.But I’m not sure this gimmick will sway members of Congress…

Edwards Postcard

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One Response to Edwards’ Gimmick: Virtual Postcards

  1. voxpop says:

    Jim ! I had NOOO idea you were such an edwards fan. Cool.

    Hey, how is this ‘gimmicky’ while it’s okay for julie brown (oh wait – that was her husband hehe) to send out smears (kinda gimmicky) against dingfelder and then deny it and later get tied to it? Yikes.
    She’d have done fine if she had not done so.

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