The Internet is decidedly blue.

For most of the past two decades, the Republican Party has seen a significant amount of electoral success, 2006 not withstanding. The Grand Old Party simply beat the Democrats in honing in and staying on message, in building a united (and fairly homogeneous) base of support, and by having the far better grass roots organization.

But there is one area where the Democrats are beating Republicans handily: Online. The “net roots” movement and the sheer number of liberals, progressives, and other Democrats online has the potential to undermine everything the Republican Party has built.

Consider this note from the Florida Progressive Coalition Blog:

There are some exciting events coming up where the bloggers and net activists of Florida are going to get to interact directly with the state Democratic Party. We are planning events at both the big Jefferson-Jackson Dinner (keynote speaker: Nancy Pelosi) and the state convention (where all of the presidential candidates are scheduled to appear). I’ll have the details for you as soon as I get them, but it appears that we will have the opportunity to be credentialed “media” at these events.

As a new media guy (guru?) I think it’s great for a political party to recognize the importance of bloggers and other “citizen journalists.” Too bad it’s not my party.

The Republican Party of Florida needs to recognize the growing importance of the blogosphere, encourage Republicans who are already blogging, and find ways to build its own “net roots” program.

In 2006, one out of every six voters used the Internet to find information about candidates. That number will grow substantially in 2008, maybe as much as double. Why would the Republican Party basically ignore the chance to communicate with one-third of the electorate?

Of course, some people are trying — with a GOP straw poll on after the possible June GOP Debate in Tampa. But we need more conservative bloggers out here!!

Come on Republicans! Let’s turn the net red!! (or at least purple)

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9 Responses to The Internet is decidedly blue.

  1. voxpop says:

    Jim, just turn BLUE. You are cute enough to be a Democrat. All the hottie guys are Dems.

  2. voxpop says:

    ooops NOT all of them (sorry Mark !!!)

    There are actually several fine looking republican men. Some of my best friends are sweet, lovely republicans.
    Actually the color for democrats should be red. I am going to steal back that color for our party. It is the color of blood and labor (unions) and it is traditionally the color of the Democratic Party. One of my least fave things about all this crap from george is this elementary color coding and the purposeful confusion over the states’ colors.

    Whatever. It’s OURS. Give it back.


  3. Jim Johnson says:

    Vox – Thank you, but I used to be a Democrat — even helped Clinton-Gore in 1992… when I was young and impressionable — and I am happy as a Republican now.

    As for the colors, I believe the democrats started the “blue” movement first based on the colors used by the mainstream media. It would be interesting to see who the first person was to talk about red states and blue states.

  4. Bruce Cotton says:


    As usual you hit the topic perfectly. I know I’ve tried over the last few years to try to educate our County party leadres on the importance of a strong net presence, but haven’t made any headway…yet.

    We do have quite a few bloggers in the Pinellas republican ranks, but they need a local avenue to communicate and as of now it just doesn’t exist, most are on the national sites like “Free”

    IF, we as a party, are going to regain our losses in Florida we must have a cohesive message and an army of bloggers out there spreading the word every day.

  5. voxpop says:

    Jim, I believe there is hope for you.

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  8. GUYK says:

    I would be more than happy to give the color red back to the dim-a-crits..after all it is the color of the socialism and communism they stand for

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