Changes Coming to the State of Sunshine

I know I haven’t posted in sometime, but I’ve been working on some changes for the State of Sunshine.

First, I’ve invited a couple of friends to join the State of Sunshine as contributors. The first to accept is Darren Shields.

Darren has been involved in politics for over fifteen years. During his college days, he served as chairman of the University of Florida‘s chapter of College Republicans. He then went on to hold the chairmanship of College Republicans for the entire state of Florida. At that time he was involved in several political projects and ran a couple of campaigns.

Leaving politics to focus on his studies, he transferred to the University of West Florida and earned a degree in Computer Science. Since that time he has held a number of jobs in information technology and now lives in Tampa where he owns Workflow Mobility, Inc., a technology consulting firm. Politics never being far from his mind, he continues to be involved in local campaigns.

Next, I will soon be introducing a podcast here. The goal is to interview local elected officials and other politicos on current topics. My company, Affari Edge, will be producing the show. My goal is to have at least one episode posted here each week. Stay tuned for more details.

I’m also working on an analysis of the bills that passed the legislature during the 2007 Legislative Session – so that has taken some additional time.

Thank you for reading!!

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3 Responses to Changes Coming to the State of Sunshine

  1. Bob says:

    A great blog keeps getting better.

  2. Paul Davis says:

    Sometimes even politicians need to unwind.. and learn new things. Keep it up.. 😀

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