Rubio’s Approach to Property Taxes

The Property Tax Special Session is less than a month away. We already know that House Speaker Marco Rubio has given up his tax-swap plan in favor of a significant percentage exemption.

Last month, Speaker Rubio was in Tampa as part of his campaign to build support for his tax plan. His presentation was part of a special Florida This Week with Rob Lorei, which I recorded to my DVR. WEDU also posted the video on Google Video, which allows me to provide it here.

Here are some of the interesting parts of the show:

Rubio said:

“You first have to have system that reflects what people can afford to pay. And once you figure out what people can afford to pay, then government has to figure out what they can get for what people can afford to pay. But that’s not how the system works right now. It’s backwards. Now government tells you what they need and you have to somehow scramble to come up with it.”

He also said that property taxes are a de facto lien on homesteads – “As long as you’re paying property tax on your home, you’ll never own your home. Because you can pay off the bank, but if you don’t pay your property taxes, they’ll take your house from you. And I think that’s a little bit un-American.”

He did say that rolling back taxes and capping revenue growth would be the most helpful for commercial and nonresidential property owners. The same could be said for homestead properties as well.

Watch the presentation yourself and let me know what you think.

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3 Responses to Rubio’s Approach to Property Taxes

  1. You just posted the video to find out how long people will stare at that screenshot image. Excuse me, I have to go watch Halfbaked.

  2. Jim Johnson says:


    The video works for me using Firefox.

  3. voxpop says:

    Wow, it’s amazing how he can couch this in terms that I can get caught up in and even pull the ‘un-american’ into it … But, the deal is that this is just a break for people in his circle. They came, they built they do not want to pay. Really doesn’t matter to me I’m just beating the subject to death like they do.
    They want us all in condos. Then they can assess you into the street.

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