Hillsborough County GOP Backs Tax Reform (UPDATED)

In a bit of a surprise… okay, it’s not a surprise… but the Hillsborough County Republican Executive Committee voted to support efforts to reduce property taxes.

I might say it’s a bit like saying I support warm weather and sunshine, but I digress…

Greg Truax of Front Page Florida wrote a summary of the vote:

Local Republicans have passed a formal resolution that voices “strong support” for efforts by Gov. Charlie Crist and legislative leaders to reduce property taxes during next month’s special legislative session.

Passed Tuesday evening at the Hillsborough County Republican Party’s monthly meeting, the resolution calls for “immediate and significant reductions in property taxes” and action to “limit future property tax increases.” Hillsborough is the largest county party in the state.

“The vote reflects our strong support and thanks for the hard work by Gov. Crist, Lt. Gov. Kottkamp and our Republican legislators to bring significant property tax relief to all Floridians,” local party Chairman David Storck said. “The special legislative session on property taxes starts in a few weeks, and this resolution makes clear that Republicans in Hillsborough County, like our Republican elected officials in Tallahassee, want property taxes to drop significantly and immediately.”

Read the rest of his post…

UPDATE: Jim Browne, Executive Director of the Hillsborough County Republican Party forwarded the resolution. Click hear to read the PDF file.

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