Yet Another Liberal Blogger… Sigh

Man. I have to tell you, I am getting tired of how blue the Internet is getting.

What will it take for Republicans to understand how important online networks and social media are to their political future?

When Hillary Clinton is elected president next year, will that do it? The Republican Party at the local, state, and national level just isn’t getting the picture.

Sure. Sure. There will be a straw poll on next month. Not a bad start. But not much of an effort either.

So now, despite what may or may not be a dearth of liberal bloggers, combined with other problems in, yet another joins the crowd: TampaBay Democrat.

(Hat tip to Pushing Rope)

Now, I’ve invited a couple of Republicans to join me here. But looking around Tampa Bay for other Republican bloggers and I find…

I find …

Um …


Well, Greg Truax at Front Page Florida is “almost” a blog. He posts and sends emails, but it’s not in a standard format and it doesn’t have an RSS feed. But Greg, the Hillsborough County Chair for Governor Charlie Crist’s campaign, is a strong, conservative voice.

Anyone else?

Anyone? Seriously – if I am missing someone, please let me know.

We need to turn the Grand Old Party into Grand Old Bloggers!

Before those darn “netroots” people are able to Blog Florida Blue.

End of Rant.

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13 Responses to Yet Another Liberal Blogger… Sigh

  1. Stogie says:

    Thanks for the link Mr. Johnson.

  2. kate says:

    Oh, Jimmy, you’re so funny. Don’t worry about us liberal bloggers. Only if we united could we really make a dent in this part of the world. And those of us interested in building bridges are rejected by others who claim we aren’t blue enough. One local blogger came right out and said he didn’t give a sh*t about Tampa.

    What gets me is – conservatives will come around to the blogging thing and end up doing it better than libs.

    So sad…

  3. Rich says:

    Jim, I believe Kate is right. On the conservatives will come around part, not on the lets all join hands and sing kum-bay-yah part.

    Kate, im not saying we like fights, but respectfully, conservatives simply have much different views on solving problems, what are problems, which directions need to be taken, etc.

    But back to my original sentence, we will get around to it. The less power conservatives have, the more they will mobilize. Here in FL, I personally believe that we have many sites that are small, instead of a couple that are large. If we could join with peer review and a few others, make one site, with 10-15 posters and a couple hundred members, and the word would get out… when conservatives are ready.

  4. It’s nice to know Kate reads me. Unfortunately, for an English teacher she has no reading comprehension skills. I will quote her.

    One local blogger came right out and said he didn’t give a sh*t about Tampa.

    Here is what I actually wrote.

    Kenneth Quinnell posted his thoughts on what is wrong with the Florida Progressive blogosphere. I thought of something Litbrit and I have discussed about the lack of a progressive Tampa blog community. I’m pass the point of giving a shit of trying to change the Tampa blogosphere. Litbrit has a more positive outlook.

    Let me repeat this. I could give a flying fuck about the Tampa blogpshpere. I care deeply about local and national politics. My would I write so many posts about what a horrible waste of money Riverwalk is.

    This isn’t the first time Kate has misquoted me. Kate is such a progressive that she never did a damn thing for the Florida Progressive Coalition when she was on the email list. I promote a new progressive blogger and TBD gets linked around immediately. Kate has done exactly what in the blogoshpere? I interviewed two candidates. Writing the words “my great rack” does not count as progressive blogging.

    Kate, I know you really are crying out for attention. Your midlife crisis is coming on and you want to feel hot and sexy. I understand doll. Those people leaving those nasty comments on your blog about your revealing photos are just haters. We all know true progressive bloggers pose on their sites in skimpy outfits. Did you see Josh Marshall dress like Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs at TPM. People don’t know what progressive blogging until they have seen Atrios in purple speedos.

    Sadly, Kate there will always be a female progressive blogger smarter, more talented and hotter than you. Meet Jill Filipovic of Feministe. Oh, Kate, Jill also models.


    Posting private emails of parents email of parent’s complaints and mocking a student’s medical condition of a student is unethical behavior for a teacher.

  5. kate says:

    I wasn’t talking about you, Michael. I don’t read your site because you’re mean. The hate you shove my way through personal attacks is uncalled for and undeserved.

    I am not calling out for attention. I am trying to forward a progressive message and also throw in some humor here and there. You don’t appreciate it. You don’t like it. I get it.

    And apparently you think other progressive bloggers are hotter. Well. I’ve been called ugly my entire life. This is not new. Thanks for adding your name to the list. Again. If my silly photos make someone laugh. And if that laughter encourages them to maybe read my site and get influenced just a smidge to see things from a leftist point of view, then that’s all I’m writing for.

    Congratulations on interviewing candidates. You have a lot to be proud of. Too bad you can’t see the value of sites that are just a bit different but every bit as valuable to the discussion.

    I posted that email to showcase how awful teachers are treated by ineffective parents. Again, just to open up a discussion. Once more, I see that you don’t approve. I get it. But I’m not an unethical teacher. Such attacks are judgmental and rude.

    I don’t see the point of such nastiness. Especially among those of the same political background. Doesn’t hating others get tiring? Wouldn’t it be awful if we were all the same?

    Sorry Jim for taking this off subject. Just thought I should respond.

    The hate is so completely uncalled for. I’m really ashamed of you.

  6. kate says:

    BTW – as far as what have I done for the progressive blog coalition? I’d do anything to help. If someone asks me to post about a topic or candidate, I’d be willing to do so.

    I’m not trying to be Atrios. I’m just trying to help out in any small way I can. No delusions of grandeur here. No real ones anyway.

    And as you spew hate toward Tommy and Joel – do you even care that they are two kind and decent human beings who don’t deserve your venom? If you are the example of a progressive person, I want no part.

    You seem like such a cruel and heartless man. Please. Continue to count me out.

  7. Stogie says:

    speaking of hate, i miss vilmar. he always made me laugh.

  8. Kate, Kenneth Quinnell has been begging people to blog at FPC. Contact him if you wish to blog there.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but you consider yourself a progressive feminist. Tommy Duncan has posted much sexist crap on Sticks of Fire. The man is selling stripper thongs on his CafePress site. Joel denied defending Rachel’s homeless beating post when in fact he did. I don’t see these actions as something a progressive or feminist should support. Ditto Tim Fasano’s attacks on Martin Luther King and calling for genocide of Muslims. I find this stuff sickening.

    I have shown these posts to friends who don’t read blogs. They think these posts are insane. Seriously, if you are a progressive how could you remain silent on the Rachel post?

    I think it’s fair to call Tommy out when he is interviewed by the St. Pete Times about potential legal and ethical problems his blog has faced and never mentioned the post. Did he forget several progressive bloggers were urging their readers to contact the St. Petersburg police department? There were about a dozen blogs that linked to the post. 4 of them were A list progressive blogs. It’s one of the most read post in SOF history and he said an anonymous comment pretending to be a local celebrity was his biggest problem. The SOF server was slow from all traffic. I have a hard time believing Tommy is being candid.

    Teachers in Florida get a raw deal. There are better ways to express that than posted a parent’s email. Did you consider what would happen if the parent found out? Is a snarky post really worth potential legal action and your career? You should consider this before you post. Salon wrote an excellent article about people who have been fired from their job. I have reread that post several times. I disagree with you on the ethics matter.

    I misunderstood your Tampa comment. I stand corrected.

  9. kate says:

    Perhaps I’ve neglected FPC. I think I got off their mailing list when I thought I was moving and never got back on (because I am moving) but anyway, I never intended to piss off my fellow progressives.

    I do consider myself a progressive feminist. I write for Tommy’s site for the same reason I write for any publication – not because I agree with everything but to get out my point of view. To make the world a better place. To discuss thoughtfully that which I’m trying to work out in my head. To make people think. And maybe laugh. I don’t see how slinging mud will change anyone’s mind. But maybe if you’re friendly and develop a connection, you can pursuade people to look at things in a new way. That’s all I’m trying to do.

    I was silent about Rachel’s post because I found it ridiculous. I just didn’t read it the same way you did or take it seriously. You seem to leave no room for different points of view and I find it shockingly close-minded.

    Like I said, I get that you don’t like or read my stuff. But it’s frustrating to me that I write dozens of posts that champion teaching and children and my students in particular and you take one or two posts and deduce that I’m an unethical teacher. It’s an awful thing to charge someone who always has her kids’ best interests at heart. I assure you that my email posting was written in such a way that kids’ identity would never be known. My superiors read my site, Michael. I would never embarrass or ridicule one of my kids. Choose to believe otherwise if you’d like, but the entire sum of my posts speak for themselves.

    Perhaps I will never become an A list progressive blog but that was never my intention to begin with. Christ. I’m only trying to contribute the best way I know how. I can sleep at night because I don’t go around hurting others. No matter how much we may disagree.

  10. Kate, I guestblogged on on national progressive blogs. If I wrote the post you or Rachel did I would get torn to sheds. (I got torn up by Wizbang for being prochoice.) I hope you do have your students best interests at heart. That post does not put you in a good light. Imagine if another teacher published a complain you sent to her in regards to your children. Consider that for a moment.

    It’s your choice if you want to be in FPC. Kenneth Quinnell did make a good points about progressives working together. Even Kenneth said I do more than most to promote other progressive bloggers. (I’m sure I could do more.) The thing is I have to regularly read the blog and find it useful. (To again answer Stogie’s complaint.)

    I don’t mind if you disagree with me. Tim Fasano was a fan of my blog until he posted questionable racial content. It’s not in my interest to have people delink me. Do I want to stand up for what I believe in or be popular. I rather have no one read me than subvert my ideals to increase traffic. Ditto with Sticks. Tommy used to link to me regularly. There are things on the blog I strongly disagree with.

    After reading your comments, I don’t think you are evil Kate. You just post before you think. If you did that on my blog, I would have taken the post down and had an offline talk explaining why. Tommy should have done that, but he likes the controversy. THat’s why he recruited Rachel. (It wasn’t the other way around.)

  11. Blog-Stew says:

    If you feel overwhelmed by the leftosphere, you’re always welcome for an irreverant right-wing chuckle at Blog-Stew, where we stand athwart Interstate 4 and yell stop.

  12. kate says:

    I suppose it would be pretty hypocritical of me to get angry at a teacher that posted my correspondence on line. However, once again, I did change so much so that no one would be able to identify the student.

    You can promote whomever you like, I just think that anyone who writes from a left than center point of view – even if he or she writes about other topics – should be welcomed instead of scorned. Your site serves a purpose and so do others. And just because you do things a certain way, doesn’t mean those who don’t (like Tommy) deserve such venom.

    I really do believe there’s room for everyone.

  13. voxpop says:

    Oh, wow, what I have missed. Jim, you TRIED to tell me to get on over here … but noooooooooooooo.

    Kate, you have never once spoken to me directly nor posted any way but anonymously on Michael’s blog yet five of your last six posts are aimed directly at trashing ME. For no reason.

    You’re a bit of an ass, at the very least.
    I don’t fall for any of anything you are saying here. I think your problem is that you have spent MOST of your life feeling ugly (whatever on that, too) and that you are jealous. I was always nice to you and supportive of you on your blog and the very FIRST thing you ever said to me was attacking.
    How progressive.

    I daresay I’m not the first person you have attacked in this manner.

    And, of course, you will ignore this. Or have Rachel or one of your anonymous or feverishly created blogger id’s come answer.
    I don’t think you belong in a classroom.
    I think you are dangerous to young minds.
    You actually have Rachel come threaten me to ‘change my opinion’ about you.
    Of course your (likely silent) defense for that will be that you don’t CONTROL rachel but I’m sure there is lots of backdoor communication there.
    I think you are a FRAUD.
    In fact, I am SURE you are.

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