A New Contributor Joins State of Sunshine

The State of Sunshine team is growing. Bruce Cotton, like me a former Legislative Assistant who was unsuccessful in a bid for State Representative, has agreed to join us here. Bruce lives and works in Pinellas County, and I am hoping he can add some perspective on political issues on that side of the Bay.

Bruce Cotton Bruce Cotton is a native Floridian who has Political Science and Public Administration degrees from the University of Central Florida.

After graduation from UCF Bruce spent 10 years working as a Legislative Assistant for 3 House members (Evelyn Lynn, Ormond Beach; Margo Fischer, St. Pete and Leslie Waters, Seminole) has worked numerous campaigns as well as campaign manger for Rep. Lynn in 1996.

Bruce ran unsuccessfully for the Florida House in 2006 (hey, gotta put that experience to use somehow) and is considering a run in 2008 Bruce currently is the Job Placement Specialist for the Baccalaureate Programs at St. Petersburg College, and lives in Largo with his wife and son.

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3 Responses to A New Contributor Joins State of Sunshine

  1. voxpop says:

    Hi Bruce, Welcome to SoS. I was going to make a quip about this being the blog for the ‘unsuccessful candidates’ but felt it would not go over well online. As well, I feel this is a very successful place so ….. it will be interesting to see if you disagree with me as politely as Jim does. LOL.
    Seriously = welcome.
    Jim has always been very helpful since I ‘met’ him online.
    Oh, and welcome to Darren, as well. I guess I missed that post??

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  3. bcotton says:

    Hey Vox,

    thanks for the welcome!

    I always TRY to be polite..LOL Heck, it’s only politics we are talking about.

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