Hillsborough Delegation to Meet on Property Taxes

I received this official press release from the Hillsborough County Legislative Delegation:

The Office of the
Hillsborough County Legislative Delegation
Post Office Box 1110, Tampa, FL 33601
Phone: 813-272-5865 (SC: 543) FAX: 813-276-2138 (SC: 543)

Sen. Arthenia Joyner, Chair; Rep. Rich Glorioso, Vice Chair;
Rep. Frank Peterman; Rep. Kevin Ambler
Rep. Ron Reagan; Sen. Victor Crist; Rep. Faye Culp;
Rep. Betty Reed; Sen. Charlie Justice; Rep. Bill Galvano;
Rep. Michael Scionti; Sen. Ronda Storms; Rep. Ed Homan;
Rep. Trey Traviesa; Rep. Seth Mckeel; Rep. Will Weatherford

May 29, 2007
CONTACT: Candace G. Hundley


Senator Arthenia Joyner, chair of the Hillsborough County Legislative Delegation, has announced that the Delegation will meet on Tuesday, June 5, from 6 until 9 p.m. at the University Area Community Center Complex gymnasium, 14013 North 22 Street, to hear from local governments and the public on the issue of property tax reduction.

In announcing the meeting, Senator Joyner said, “Members of the Legislature have been hearing from our constituents about ad valorem taxes; however, we now also need to hear from our four local governments and the program and service cutbacks or the creation of fee-driven programs and services that can be expected under the various scenarios which have been advanced to date.”

Time has also been allotted to Property Appraiser Rob Turner who served on the prior Governor’s tax panel and who has advanced recommendations on making tax relief viable. Time will also be available to residents of unincorporated Hillsborough County or one of its cities in an effort to discover possible alternatives to the plans already on the table in Tallahassee and to hear which programs and services would be willingly sacrificed or for which fees would willingly be paid.


Call to Order

Roll Call

Welcoming Remarks

Local Government Presentations
– City of Temple Terrace
– Property Appraiser Rob Turner
– City of Plant City
– City of Tampa
– Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners

Public Comment

Closing Remarks


Speaker cards will be available at the door, and all meetings of the Hillsborough Delegation are open to the public.

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