No Veto for HB 7203 (Growth Management Bill)

Jim provides an excellent overview of the provisions of this growth bill below.

I’ve been following the debate on this with interest. The major opposition that has formed centers on the provision allowing certain municipalities (all of Pinellas and Broward counties, along with Tampa, Hialeah, Miami and Jacksonville) to follow an alternative state review program for the adoption of changes to their comprehensive plans.

This bill was passed by a huge margin and makes sense for the well-developed regions of the state that already perform comprehensive planning.

Howard Troxler seems to disagree.

His main objection is that citizens would have less time to organize and that without a state bureaucracy acting as a clearinghouse for objections, the developers will have free reign.

If anything, I’ll argue the opposite. Under the pilot, citizen groups can focus exclusively on the process in the own areas, not having to worry about filings with Tallahassee. Plenty of provisions are in place within the bill to allow for State agencies to file objections to such amendments.

This is a great opportunity to raise efficiency and keep decision-making local. I hope the Governor will not follow Troxler’s advice to veto.

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