Found: Tampa Bay Conservative Bloggers

Frequent readers of the State of Sunshine know that I have been hoping for more Red bloggers here in the Bay area.

Well, in addition to Greg Truax’ Front Page Florida, there are at least two more Righty Blogs — both of which tend to focus on the larger news stories, usually at the Federal level. I have been reading them for some time, but failed to mention them before because of their often national focus. I wold still hope to see more Republicans comment, opine, and report on state and local issues.

However, these two blogs are worthy of your attention.

The first is Tampa Pirate, which touches on a number of subjects outside of politics — but has been more political lately. He’s also part of the Blogs for (Fred) Thompson grass roots project.

The second is Alday Net, a blog by Tom Alday. His “about” page says, in part: “I blog. Politics mostly, technology and books occasionally.”

So the list is growing, slowly… but I urge you to add their feeds to your feed reader and keep tabs on these two blogs.

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  2. PW says:

    Based on the recent verdict (not guilty for the guards/nurse at the Bay Camp) and other media reports, it sounds like Bay County is the Mecca of racism and fascism for the State of Florida.

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