Clinton: New Jobs for Tom Morrow?

Okay. If you are a political animal like me, you’ve already seen the TOMMOROW sign.

If not, here is a nice simple snapshot (courtesy of the Daily Telegraph):

Clinton Gaffe Picture

Notice the spelling? Every “Tomorrow” is spelled “Tommorrow.

This raises some interesting questions like Who is Tom Morrow? Why does he need more than one new job? How bad is his current job that he gets Senator Clinton to lobby for him to get new ones?

Tom Morrow

This Tom Morrow works for the
This Tom Morrow is
a computer guy from Ontario, Canada.

Tom Morrow

This Tom Morrow is a fiddler from Ireland.

There are about 37,000+ references to “Tom Morrow” on Google. This post will be one of them.

Maybe one of them is the Tom Morrow Hillary is talking about ???

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6 Responses to Clinton: New Jobs for Tom Morrow?

  1. Blog-Stew says:


    Perhaps Tom Morrow, in addition to needing Hillary Clinton’s new jobs, also lives John Edwards’ other America and has been plagued by Al Gore’s inconvienent truth. This is why he needs a village of nanny-state presidential candidates to help him.

  2. Lee Nelson says:

    Jim — that is hilarious. I particularly like the repeated smaller misspellings plastered all over the backdrop. Too Funny!

  3. Tom Morrow says:

    Hey Jim, thanks for finding me on the Web…yep, I’m here, happily “employed” by a daily newspaper in San Diego County. Speaking as a fellow columnist, I don’t need one of Hillary’s jobs…thank goodness.
    Thanks for pointing me out to folks in your corner of the nation.

    The real “Tom Morrow” (or, at least one of them).

  4. Tom Orr says:

    I’m not sure who Tom Morrow is but I’m damn sure disappointed that they are leaving me out of the job search.

    Of course, it is easy for me to spell since it only requires me to add an “ow” to the end of my name.

  5. Robert Russell says:

    Heh, maybe it’s all a dastardly plot by an old Justice League villain and mad scientist, Thomas Oscar Morrow

  6. Tom Morrow is an important arch villain. And I think the state of education in America means that we’re now down to 49.

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