Local conservative bloggers; add one, lose one

In part of my ongoing quest to add more red to the Tampa Bay area’s part of the blogosphere, I am adding Pekin Prattles to my list and feed reader.

The Duke of Deland is a retiree living in the Tampa Bay area, who tends to focus on national issues:

Duke: PC Geek, Writer of little note! & all-round fun fellow! Active Elk (Tampa 708 – Chairman Board of Trustees) Retired National Staff Officer, U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary (Lt. Commander) Native of Pekin, Illinois ;

However, it seems that Tom Alday has decided to stop doing Alday Net:

I’m done with it. I can’t find the time to 1.) search for interesting political news, and 2.) post about it and make witty comments. I’ve had enough o’ this shit. I’m burnt out on political blogging for now. It was a good run, almost 4 years. I laughed, I cried, I shit my pants and made fun of retards. Good times.

RIP indeed, Alday.

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