More “Fredheads”

I’ve written a few times about the possibility of former Tennessee Senator and actor Fred Thompson running for president:

The Fred Thompson

The Case for Fred Thompson ?

An Interesting Candidate: Fred Thompson for Prez?

And his recent decision to start a “test the waters” committee (which is different than an “exploratory committee” and an “official committee”) is the prelude to the official launch in July.

Of course, he is waiting until July to officially announce because the current fundraising report period ends June 30th. Waiting means he won’t have the problem of having his fundraising totals negatively compared to existing candidates – it also allows him time to get all of his ducks lined up in his professional and personal life.

But he does have a new website:

I'm With Fred Logo

The non-candidate is drawing some interesting supporters here in the Tampa Bay area: Congressman Adam Putnam has officially endorsed him. Former state representative Sandy Safley, and former state senators Curt Kiser and Jack Latavala have signed on to his help raise $46,000 (each). Among the most recognizable names supporting Thompson is George P. Bush, the son of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush.

The local blogosphere is joining the band wagon as well. Tampa Pirate has been a fan for a while and is a member of Blogs for Thompson. Pekin Prattles just announced that he supports Thompson (and has a widget on his blog to raise money for Fred).

Finally, The Pew Research Center for People and the Press has a new study out about the presidential candidates.

Pew Study Results

There are a few interesting numbers, but Pew focused on Thompson’s numbers because he is not yet a candidate:

Former Sen. Fred Thompson has broad potential appeal among Republican voters even before his expected entrance into the presidential race. Thompson is not nearly as well known as former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani or the other leading GOP candidates. But 37% of the Republican and Republican-leaning voters who have heard of Thompson say there is a “good chance” they will support him. This is equal to the level of support Giuliani receives from GOP voters who have heard of him, and reflects far more enthusiasm than any of the other Republican candidates garner.

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