Florida Legislative Session Review – Part V: Veterans & Military Affairs

The number of bills affecting active military service members and veterans has dwindled over the years, as the Legislature runs out of ways to support the military. Heck, we do a GREAT job of that now.

Here are the bills that passed this year:

HB 981 among state park provisions, this bill provides free admission to state parks for members of the National Guard and their families. Passed 118-0 and 38-0.

SB 116 prohibits use of the name or image of a member of the armed forces for commercial purposes without obtaining consent. Passed 40-0 and 117-0.

SB 1630 simply revises the allocation for the annual fee from the United States Marine Corps license plate. Passed 38-0 and 119-0.

SB 1448 clarifies that eligibility for the Family Readiness Program continues for a specified period following the termination of service member’s orders and his or her return home. Passed 39-0 and 117-0.

SB 156> redefines term “veteran” to include person who served in active military, naval, or air service in Operation Enduring Freedom or Operation Iraqi Freedom. (This is important for some of the benefits given to veterans under Florida law.) Passed 40-0 and 115-0.

HB 699 eliminates provisions which limited preferences public employment and retention in public employment given to specified veterans (and their spouses) to one year. Passed 111-0 and 40-0.

Schedule of Review Posts:

Mon May 21: Public Records/Public Meetings
Thu May 24: Education
Tue May 29: Environment, Growth Management, & Natural Resources
Mon Jun 4: Legal System & Public Safety
Mon Jun 18: Veterans/Military Affairs
Tue Jun 19: Elections
Wed Jun 20: Transportation & Economic Development
Fri Jun 22: Health Care
Mon Jun 25: Insurance (excluding property)
Wed Jun 27: Human & Social Services
Fri Jun 29: Gambling & General Government
Mon Jul 2: Property Insurance & Property Taxes (including the special session legislation)
Tue Jul 3: Miscellaneous Bills not included in previous reviews

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