Attention BellSouth / AT&T Customers: $10 DSL

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An interesting discussion is floating around the Internet this week. It seems that the new Ma Bell has a secret: DSL for only $10 per month.

You see, the FCC required AT&T to offer this discounted DSL service to its customers, along with “naked DSL” service which doesn’t require telephone service, as part of the approval of its merger with Bellsouth.

Now that AT&T is offering this service, how can you find information about it? Do you see any advertising to get new customers? Nope.

It appears in one location: on a little, barely visible link entitled “Term contract plans available” which gives a small pop-up window outlining their plans.

Here is what AT&T actually spells out:

FastAccess DSL Lite with term agreement. Monthly price is $10 per month and requires a 12-month commitment. Except for free dsl modem with term agreement, this plan is not eligible for any other promotions. Plan is available to new FastAccess DSL customers who have not previously subscribed to AT&T or BellSouth’s high-speed Internet and who order online. To order FastAccess DSL Lite with term agreement, visit and enter your telephone number to order the service.

FastAccess DSL Lite with term agreement: Requires subscription to FastAccess DSL Lite (Downstream speeds up to 768Kbps/Upstream speeds up to 128Kbps) for twelve (12) months from the date of activation. Eligibility: customers who order online and who have not previously subscribed to FastAccess DSL service from BellSouth or high-speed Internet service from AT&T. FastAccess DSL is subject to the terms and conditions of the BellSouth Internet Service Agreement (“Service Agreement”). Termination of FastAccess service, or if service is terminated for violation of the Service Agreement, prior to the expiration of twelve (12) months from the activation date, will incur a $50 termination fee that represents a portion of the network activation and setup costs foregone as a result of such termination.

So, for readers in the Bellsouth service area, spread the word. Your friends, colleagues, and neighbors could save a little cash.

(h/t PR-Squared)

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