Special Election Results

Most people know that today is the Special Election to fill three legislative offices in North-Central Florida: Senate District 3, which was vacated by former Senator Nancy Argenziano when she resigned to take her post on the Public Service Commission, House District 42, which was vacated by Representative Charlie Dean, and House District 24, which was vacated by former Representative Dennis Baxley. Both Dean and Baxley resigned to run for Argenziano’s seat, with Dean winning the Republican primary.

The State Senate race has drawn quite a bit of attention in the past week.

First, Governor Charlie Crist and Florida Republican Party Chairman Jim Greer campaigned for Charlie Dean this past weekend, despite a Florida Chamber of Commerce poll showing Dean up by 20 points.

The Progressives were really pulling for Democrat Susan Franks, a former legislator in New Hampshire. Kenneth Quinnell at the Florida Progressive Coalition shares some of his anecdotal evidence of Democratic efforts in Leon County.

Here are the election results:

Senate District 3
Repsentative Charlie Dean is now Senator Charlie Dean. Results:

State Senator
District: 3
County Charles S. Dean
Kaarl E. Brandon
Baker 669 180 0
Citrus 12,497 5,605 0
Columbia 471 270 1
Dixie 454 225 1
Hamilton 418 303 0
Jefferson 212 248 0
Lafayette 334 93 0
Leon 1,835 2,326 0
Levy 784 336 0
Madison 92 37 0
Marion 7,200 2,749 0
Suwannee 1,664 528 0
Taylor 780 425 0
Total 27,410 13,325 2
% Votes 67.3% 32.7% 0.0%

House District 24
Kurt Kelly was effectively elected during the special session, as he faced only a write-in candidate. Actual results:

State Representative
District: 24
County Kurt Kelly
Nancy Stacy
Marion 4,960 0
Total 4,960 0
% Votes 100.0% 0.0%

House District 43
Republican Ron Schultz easily won election. Results:

State Representative
District: 43
County Ron Schultz
Sophia Diaz-Fonseca
“Taxi” Dave Gregory
Citrus 11,410 7,442 540 0
Hernando 713 509 33 0
Levy 234 124 19 0
Total 12,357 8,075 592 0
% Votes 58.8% 38.4% 2.8% 0.0%

Looks like the Chamber of Commerce poll was way off, as the liberals on the Buzz were predicting. It wasn’t 20 points – it was 2 to 1.

It will be interesting to read what the “Buzzerati” have to say on this.

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  1. voxpopuli says:

    it’s absolutely petrifying to consider what nancy argenzianzonozo might get up to on the PSC.

    Well, maybe not any worse than past PSC’ers.

    Maybe Susan Latvala can get a seat, as well and … oh well, who needs services??
    I think Kevin Ambler’s car wreck put the fear of gop in him because he has not been himself since.

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