Gershom Faulkner, your campaign manager is on line …

Lots going on in Pinellas the past month and most of it related to the Mayor’s race for the City of St. Pete in 09’.

Most important being (at least to me!) I have filed my papers and opened the account to run for the Florida House Dist. 51 in 08’…Remember, you can Count on Cotton!

The election is more than a year away, but Bruce Cotton has already announced he’ll be back for another try in the race for state House District 51.

Cotton ran for the seat in 2006, losing the Republican primary to Dottie Reeder, the former mayor of Seminole. Reeder lost to Democrat Janet Long in the general election.

“If you’re running against an incumbent, you have to start early, ” Cotton said Thursday.

The early start, he said, will give him time to build a larger war chest and to get his message out. With a fat pocketbook and a strong message, Cotton said he might be able to avoid competition in the 2008 primary.

St. Petersburg Times

Ok, so it’s a shameless plug…..

What about the surprise article about Angelo Capelli being investigated for a yet unknown act related to his position at SunTrust? Man I didn’t see that coming.

Early word was he would be arrested soon after the story broke, but as of this date, no arrest story has appeared in the news. Makes me wonder how serious the whole thing was in the first place. If he had done something so serious he would have been taken into custody pretty quickly after it broke, the longer it goes on the less likely it is he will be arrested at all.

Now, why does the story about a one time House candidate who lost his race warrant such pub?? Could it be because Angelo has been prepping for a run to replace Mayor Baker in St. Pete in 09’? I’ve talked to Angelo in the past and he has made no secret that he is very interested in running…till now. He already came out of the o6” House race damaged because of the mad scientist mailer and the Christian Coalition questionnaire, now add in the current accusation ( what ever it is) and it should rule him out of 09’. Any consultant worth his salt could spend the entire election plastering those stories on mailers and conveying the message about how untrustworthy Angelo appears to be.

It’s sad, I’ve gotten to know Angelo and I think he would be an excellent Mayor or have been an excellent Representative. Yeah, I’ve heard his critics attack him as aloof, but once you do get to know him he shows a completely different side.

The main story I was going to concentrate on was the many consultants of Gershom Faulkner, who is running for a seat on the St. Petersburg City Council.

Gershom Faulkner, your campaign manager is on line 1…and line2…and line 3, OH and line 4…Do we have a line 5???

It’s becoming more common for candidates to hire more than one campaign consultant/manager these days, people who specialize in fundraising, grass roots, media and mailers can all combine to create an effective campaign. Mostly you see that at the federal level (and now more and more at the state level) where money drives the campaigns. You don’t usually see in local politics where some campaigns win with just a few thousand dollars and are driven by grassroots volunteers and lots of door knocking.

At last count Gershom had…wait, let me check to make sure it hasn’t increased…5 consultants and managers. At this rate he’ll have more consultants working for him than voters in the district…

Let’s look at that list….

Campaign Manager #1- Mitch Kates, the dems new consultant star de Jour.

Campaign Manager #2- Jett Jackson

Consultant #1- Ana Cruz (I know Ana from our days as aides in Tally, REALLY sharp woman who knows her politics)

Consultant #2- Ana’s Mom Janet Rifkin

Communication Director & Consultant # 3- Peter Schweitzer Guessing he works for Colleen Makin since every time I see his name mentioned it’s a candidate/event she is associated with)

Ok, Ok…the reality is that most are volunteering their services because they know and support Gershom…I can see the staff meetings now….much debate, a disagreement over strategy then Mitch head butts Ana, who then tries to put Mitch in a headlock while her mom knee caps him…

Concern I would have is that it’s too many chiefs, all competing for time and ideas, which could be a dangerous situation in the heat of a campaign.

But as far as candidate quality, Gershom is an awesome candidate and an honorable man. People in that district will be glad they elected him.

NOW…the Mayor connection…

I’m wondering if Gershom is setting himself up for a run at the Mayor’s office. He will be in good position for a 09’ election run. HE will have had almost 2 years on the council yet his last campaign will still be recent enough to keep his name ID up.

Depending on who else runs on the D side, he could be the front runner. Not living in St. Pete I don’t hear a whole lot about the politics in that area ( especially on the dem side), but one name I have heard is Ken Welch….course, I hear his name for just about every high profile open seat…

But if he did, THAT would be a good primary to see. I would give the edge to Ken due to his tenure on the County Commission, but this is definitely a race between two solid candidates to choose from.

On the Republican side….well we eliminated Angelo, who else does that leave??

I’ve heard that Bill Foster is interested and I’ve also heard rumors (unconfirmed so far) that Deveron Gibbons is also talking about it.

Now Deveron has lots of connections, both fundraising and political (including Mayor Baker) to draw on for help. But since this would be his first run, I think the edge goes to Foster, who is currently on the Council and has been on the ballot in the city.

So who would win in the general?? No idea. But personally, I would like to see Deveron and Gershom in the general, always stay with your friends!

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4 Responses to Gershom Faulkner, your campaign manager is on line …

  1. gatordem says:


    You should stick to practicing the Waters wave. Your knowledge of St. Petersburg politics is breathtakingly limited. Here’s a list of names on the R side for St. Pete Mayor:

    1). Bill Foster
    2). Terry Brett
    3). John Bryan

    For the D’s:

    1). Jamie Bennett
    2). Renee Flowers

    Ken Welch has already announced that he is running for re-election to his County Commission seat.

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  3. Bruce Cotton says:


    Guess you missed the part where I said St. Pete politics isn’t my forte.

    I reported what I’ve heard and Bill Foster, Angelo and Deveron are names I have heard mentioned as interested in running. Glad to hear John is interested too, another good candidate.

  4. Bousquet says:

    The next mayor of St. Petersburg,Fl.will be–JAMIE BENNETT. His campaigh slogan is ONE ST.PETERSBURG,but it should be,A Honest Man For St. Petersburg, FL. Whatever, he’s smart,honest and cares.

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