The County and YouTube

Okay… Here is something kinda funny.

As Wayne Garcia wrote yesterday, a there’s a YouTube spoof about the four Hillsborough County Commissioners who voted to eliminate the wetlands division of the Environmental Protection Commission.

YouTube Preview Image

I suspect the four commissioners don’t mind the criticism… if they could actually see it, that is.

You see, Hillsborough County has a very strong filter on their Internet access (thank you Ronda Storms). Thus, since it was posted on YouTube, no one who works for the county can use county computers to see this clip. Even when it’s embedded in other sites like PoHo or here. That has to be kinda funny no?

For the county employees: the video shows Commissioner Blair “pulling up trees” and Commissioners Norman, Hagan, and White dancing to the Beatles’ “Piggies” song from the White Album. Scrolling in the background is a long shot of what looks to be land under development — all dirt, no tries, no bushes, no buildings — with some equipment… and the phrase “coming soon to a neighborhood near you”… it’s only about a minute and a half long…

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  1. kate says:

    Keep up the good work – pimping for the dark side. I went and nominated you for a Thinking Bloggers Award.

    Stay gold.

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