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Here are some of the blogospheric reactions to last night’s debate…

Over on Florida Kossacks, GatorDem appreciated the format:

The big winner tonight was the format. Questions coming from real people. Yeah, the media (CNN) ultimately picked the ones shown, the universe they picked from was questions submitted by real people.

He goes on to give a nice rundown of the high points – something I was going to do with my summary, but decided against it.

On The Nut Who Runs That Website, David was thoroughly unimpressed with the debate:

How annoying it must have been as a candidate seeking to convey your wisdom and plea to the American people while parlaying yourself to a hyped and complicated, not to mention completely unnecessary, ensemble of You Tubers. Holy smokes!

Web 2.0 has jumped the shark. On god’s green earth, who decided, and why, that it would be really cool to inject the meaningless self-productions of You Tubers into the process of refined presidential query? What’s the point other than the fact that, yeah, You Tube is kinda neat for, well, You Tube.

Joy-Ann Reid, at ReidBlog, gave her brief thoughts:

CNN did a nice job with the Youtube debate last night. No major news, nothing to really shake up the race. I still think Joe Biden is freaking hilarious, John Edwards looks rather desperate (and there was something strange going on with his hair … kind of an airplane hangar effect in the front…) Bill Richardson looks like a bullfrog, Dennis Kucinich fades into the background and Mike Gravel is nuts … with moments of lucid truthtelling, if in a bug-eyed crazy kind of way. Hillary and Barack did well and they remain the leaders.

I agree, Gravel would be an interesting character in a new Grumpy Old Men movie.

There are going to be countless national perspectives, but I found an interesting take on the FastCompany blog:

The other big winner was YouTube, which managed to solidify its brand by forcing the campaigns to create their own “YouTube” style videos which were interspersed between the question and answers – as if being able to be authentically YouTube was proof of something substantive. (FYI: My group just didn’t think Biden’s effort was true ‘Tube.)

I didn’t think a candidate emerged as a true winner, the structure didn’t allow it. There were only a few truly unscripted moments, and the front runners all managed to pull off some emotional highpoints without shooting themselves in the foot.

Laura Fiorilli will also be doing a wrapup over at Political Safari.

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