I’m Participating in BlogOrlando – You Should Attend – Sep 27-29

Josh Hallet, social media consultant extraordinare of Hyku and Empircal Polk, has asked me to be a session leader for the 2007 BlogOrlando.

Now, unlike conferences you may have attended, BlogOrlando is specifically an un-conference. The concept grew out of the realization that most people at trade shows, academic conferences, and industry gatherings learned a heck of a lot more from the Q&A sessions or just talking amongst themselves during the social time. So why not take those good parts and make the entire conference like that??


So, what is BlogOrlando, you ask? Well…

Hyku, in partnership with Rollins College will host the second edition of this FREE event that is open to bloggers and non-bloggers alike from Florida and anywhere else. We hope to bring together a good cross-section of folks to discuss blogging, podcasting, public relations, social media, citizen’s journalism and other related topics. In addition to the Friday event we planned some outings at the local theme parks over the weekend. The event was as much a social/family gathering as it is a ‘work’ gathering.

I attended the first BlogOrlando last fall, and learned a great deal. In fact, it helped spur me to move from Blogger to my own domain and use WordPress.

If you have even the smallest interest in social media – especially blogging – then you should make the trek to Olrando for the day. There are some great people leading various sessions, including bloggers who I read every day. From politics to media to blogging for business to second life, BlogOrlando has something for just about everyone.


I’ll be there. Will you?

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  2. Stewart says:

    Looks interesting. Perhaps I can make one of the dinners.

    FYI…Blog-Stew is now the East Florida Gazette Online. You may wish to update State of Sunshine.



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