Florida’s Conservative Blogs…

I was recently asked to compile a list of Conservative Blogs… and, as you know, I have a keen interest in trying to add more “red” to the Florida blogosphere.

There are a few the are exclusively – or almost exclusively – political, with a “right-of-center” bent:

A few others are talk about politics from time to time, but talk about other issues as well. I’ve only started reading some of these.

There is also Front Page Florida, which isn’t a blog but is a conservative political a news-site. Still, it’s worth adding to your favorites.

Governor Charlie Crist posts his podcasts via ClickCaster.  RPOF has some on their site as well.

Some candidates have blogs on now defunct campaign website — but State Senator Mike Haridopolos has a blog.

Now, the list of conservative blogs across the country is much more extensive, but I won’t go into that.

If I am missing any, please let me know!!

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9 Responses to Florida’s Conservative Blogs…

  1. Doyle says:

    Thanks for noticing my blog! (FYI, the email address I’ve used above isn’t one I check regularly because of all the spam it attracts. Click the Florida tag in my sidebar for a different addie if needed.)

    Yes, you’ve missed a bunch of conservative blogs, some of which are also in my sidebar. One I think you’ll find particularly interesting is Abstract Appeal, a blog by a lawyer who examines court decisions.

    Again, thanks for noticing.

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  3. Stewart says:

    The East Florida Gazette Online is a tory-federalist inclined blog, in the classical liberal tradition. We like to think we were ‘conservative before conservatism was cool,’ and definitely before the blogosphere existed. We cover much of the ‘kerfuffle’ in Florida, which sometimes takes a us afield from politics. Not including the East Florida Gazette Online on a list of Florida’s conservative blogs, would be like saying the Weekly Standard is the only conservative magazine.

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  5. Vince says:

    Shameless plug alert for my movement conservative blog- Yankee in Gator Country


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  7. Cap'n Ed says:

    mind is empty at present. read my site to see what I think.

  8. Kathleen says:

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  9. davidboon says:

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