Say a prayer today for Ralph Gonzalez.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Orlando-based Republican political consultant Ralph Gonzalez was killed Tuesday, in what appears to be a murder-suicide.

My hear and prayers go out to his family and friends. He was a friendly, jovial character, usually upbeat and passionate about politics. As a consultant, he won many more races than he lost. He knew the world of campaigns and politics better than almost anyone.

Although we weren’t close, I’ve known Ralph Gonzalez for more than a decade. I met him at Presidency III in 1996, and we remained in touch ever since.

O Lord, grant those who have died the joy of Your Presence, and us who are living the happiness of knowing this. Amen.

Rest in peace, Ralph.

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2 Responses to Say a prayer today for Ralph Gonzalez.

  1. bob says:

    i pray all evil doers see the errors of their ways prior to their death, so they can have full enlightenment. Unfortunately i can only pray for his family over their loss. As a society, this man’s political actions have killed and maimed thousands…i have no pity or prayers for him

  2. Harold says:

    Bob, Spoken like a true liberal. All the “compasion” is saved only for those who agree with you. Seems like you might need our prayers more than Ralph.

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