Still undecided…

A couple of friends of mine have recently asked me who I’m voting for in the Presidential Preference Primary. The truth is, I still don’t know.

Here is what I know so far (Yes, I’m a Republican.):

Rudy Giuliani
I’ve been interested in Hizzonor for some time. I like some of his positions on issues, and the fact that he’s not a cheerleader for the socially conservative side of the party. He’s probably the front runner.

Mike Huckabee
I like Mike. His persona and charisma make him an interesting choice. He almost fits the “Have a Beer” test, except that he doesn’t drink alcohol. I just don’t know if I like some of his ideas, especially on taxes and immigration. I’m pretty sure I’m not voting for Huckabee.

John McCain
In 2000, despite being out the race by the time Florida voted, I voted for McCain. It’s not that I didn’t like President Bush, rather I wanted to show my preference for politicians who talk straight. He since left his “Straight Talk” persona, and his running on experience. Thus, I don’t think he will get my vote a second time.

Ron Paul
Yes, I realize that Paul has no chance in this race. But I have to say, I am — more than anything — a laissez-faire, libertarian at heart. I managed to catch an interview with Ron Paul recently, and I really like what he has to say about the role of government. In an era of soundbites and 30-second commercials, Ron Paul’s philosophical debates just don’t get the airtime they should. His combination of economic freedom and social freedom is very appealing. He’s under very strong consideration.

Mitt Romney
Mitt is the only candidate I have had the chance to see in person thus far. Although he looks the part, perhaps more than any other candidate, he doesn’t come across as genuine. Maybe I’m falling for negative politics, but his flip-flopping only makes that worse. I know I’m not voting for Romney.

Fred Thompson
Like many, I eagerly awaited his entry into the race. Like many, I have been disappointed. According to the GlassBooth Candidate Matching Quiz*, Thompson best matches my positions on issues, at about 74%. Which is what I thought would be the case. And he does seem to be the most Reagan-esque. He’s still on my watch list — if he’s in the race after South Carolina.

*Hat Tip to Political Safari for the Candidate Quiz.

Thankfully, I have three more weeks to make up my mind. Although, I will probably be voting early. I’m paying much more attention to the race now, so I know I will arrive at a decision soon.

Still, if anyone has reasons why should vote for someone, let me know. (Please, only pro-candidate comments; no anti-candidate comments.) Thanks!!

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6 Responses to Still undecided…

  1. Francisco Gonzalez says:

    Like you, it’s hard to make up my mind. I will say that if you compare the 5 Republican front-runners left in the race versus the 3 front-runners in the Democrat race, ours have much more impressive resumes and experience. The Democrat race is a joke, if we base it on their accomplishments.

    I have at least one or more problem with each of the GOP candidates, but I could settle on almost any of them as President, especially compared to the other side of the aisle.

    Right now, I’m supporting Ron Paul, despite his chances. He’s simply the most liberty-loving candidate there is. But there are still 3 weeks left to see how the primaries ahead of us shake out, which could persuade my decision. But right now, I think the GOP and the nation, needs to here the limited government message of Ron Paul.

  2. Stewart says:

    I share your indecision. I voted for John McCain primarily on the War. That is issue # 1 for me, and as a conservative, am willing to give a pass on other issues. On the practical side of the equation, McCain brings in independents as well. Exit polling in New Hampshire showed that McCain won both registered Republicans and independents who voted in the Republican primary. As for straight talk, I think McCain still has it, but rather than rub people’s differences in the their faces, McCain has learned to make allies, not rhetorical scoreboards. See my blog for a more detailed explanation (though you will note my blogress wife voted for Huckabee – hence the dual endorsement.)

    Best of luck on Indecision 2008, as Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert might say.

  3. Stewart says:

    Here is the correct website (link above.) I just realized that some doppleganger website has inverted the letters of my blog address for directing traffic to their site.

  4. tim elder jr says:

    You mentioned Ron Paul and left out Duncan Hunter? Hunter is the only one with the credentials of actual conservatism and proven leadership with results–in Washington.

    Rather than see him as a dark horse perhaps you could see that he is the only work horse candidate and is conducting his campaign the same way he has succeeded in Congress for 26 years.

    Huckabee wants to change the constitution to be more in line with “God’s Word.” I’m a committed Christian ( so is Hunter) but I am not and never have been a dominionist. Guys like Huckabee give Christians a bad name on that very basis: the lie that Christians want a “theocracy”. Hunter has succeeded without a “theocracy” as the nation has for over two hundred years.

    McCain thinks global warming is an actual danger.

    Romney is telling his people in Michigan “promise them whatever you have to”.

    If you want links send me an email. None of this is an exaggeration.

    There’s no comparison.

    As far as the much vaunted “electibility”: what was Obama doing when Hunter first got to the House of Representatives 26 years ago?

  5. Jim Johnson says:

    Forgive me for leaving Duncan Hunter out… I actually forgot he was running.

    Since he dropped out today (Jan 19th)… so did a lot of other voters.

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