Still a hard decision

Last night I watch the whole Republican candidates debate on MSNBC. I had hoped the debate could help me decide for whom I will be voting. Nope.

Going in, I thought I had narrowed my choices to John McCain and Rudy Giuliani. With Tim Russert moderating, I thought the distinction would be highlighted and I would be able to compare all the candidates and make my selection.

Well, the candidates were all nice to each other, unlike the most recent Democratic debate. With the exception of Ron Paul, they pretty much all said the same thing. Immigration, taxes, the war in Iraq, the economy, the Clintons… The answers were all the same.

Now I am flummoxed.

Moreover, I am deeply concerned. The Republican nominee is going to be Mavertor Jott Huckiani.

There is no real difference between McCain, Romney, Giuliani, and Huckabee. Oh sure, their supporters will point to an issue here or an experience there. Shades of gray, really.

None of these candidates is inspiring. None of them reach out and grab me. None of them stand out clearly from the rest.

And if this is my reaction — a person with more than a decade of direct experience in politics, a person who studied political history and philosophy, a person who cares about politics a lot more than the average American — what does it mean for the rest of the country?

The Republican party is doomed, my friends.

And the worst part is, the Democrats will nominate Hillary Clinton. Last July target=”_blank”>I wrote three words that should care everyone: “President Hillary Clinton”.

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5 Responses to Still a hard decision

  1. Mr. G says:

    Say it ain’t so, Jim!

    I was gonna post a comment, but it is more fun to post on my own blog. You know where to find me.

  2. Will says:

    i voted for mccain for electability alone. I saw very few differences as well.

  3. Caldera says:

    If you’re at all concerned about your bank account, I’d take a serious look at Paul, especially with the roll out of his economic plan yesterday.

  4. Jim, did you read Giuliani’s Foreign Affairs piece. Conservative bloggers Dan Drezner and James Joyner tore it to pieces. Giuliani has Daniel Pipes as a foreign policy advisor. If you want never ending war then Rudy is your guy.

    McCain cited quarterback Jack Kemp as an economic advisor. Romney is the only Republican that understands economics. Once again it’s the economy, stupid.

    Obama has 38 delegates to Hillary’s 36. If Edwards stays in he can play decide the nominee at the convention. Hillary will lose South Carolina. Making race an issue was stupid. Black voters won’t forget that.

    Romney will be the nominee. He is going to crush McCain and Huckabee on Super Tuesday. Romney has more money and a better organization.

    Giuliani is toast. He is a walking punchline.

    You were wrong about Fred Thompson. You shouldn’t go out on a limb predicting a Hillary presidency.

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