Governor Crist Endorses John McCain

So, the New York Times, the St. Petersburg Times, Governor Charlie Crist, and Senator Mel Martinez have all endorsed Senator John McCain.

I am not sure how much this all helps McCain. Republicans who vote in presidential primaries are usually more conservative. McCain’s previous success has come from independents – a segment of the electorate that can not vote in Florida.

The pundits are saying it’s a two-man race between Romney and McCain. I think it’s three-man race with Giuliani in the mix as well. Giuliani built a very strong organization here, and more than 400,000 Republicans have already voted — the kind of numbers that GOTV efforts can push.

Crist’s endorsement will have some impact… But it’s coming a bit too late in the race. It’s neck-and-neck-and-neck (despite what polls say)… and the winner will be somewhere around 27 – 30%.

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