Super Tuesday Results: Clear as mud.

Well, that may not be exactly fair. After all, given the way this election has gone, no one really expected the an almost-national primary with so many delegates at stake to solve anything.

Here is what we know.

Barack Obama won more states. Hillary Clinton won more delegates – barely. It’s neck and neck with a long way to go.

The LA Times primary tracker shows Clinton with 845 delegates and Obama with 765 delegates. If one candidate won every delegate going forward (which doesn’t happen in because Democratic primaries that award delegates proportionally, but we’re talking hypothetically here) either Obama or Clinton would need to sweep all states until Pennsylvania votes on April 22nd. With only 1,787 delegates left and 2,025 needed to win, if Obama and Clinton split the delegates 50-50, neither will have enough to win the nomination.

John McCain is the Republican front-runner with 615 delages. Huckabee was able to parlay his strong base in the south to wins, but with with 190 delegates, he’s still in third place to Mitt Romney’s 269. Still quite a ways to go on the GOP side as well.

Republicans have fewer delegates at stake in February, and if all three candidates stay in the race, the GOP could go until late April or even May based on the calendars going forward.

This will be the most interesting presidential primary since the Democrats in 1968…

For information, the New York Times has great calendar pages for the Democrats and Republicans.

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