Is Romney Backing Out Bad for the GOP?

Consider this:

John McCain has pretty much wrapped up the nomination — although I don’t think it’s really a forgone conclusion if Conservatives unite behind Huckabee, but that’s another post.

Because the race is over, the media coverage will drop off. It usually happens to both parties at about the same time. However, the Clinton-Obama horserace will mean the media day after day, night after night will be talking about and playing speeches by the Democrats.

The media are already biased enough, now they have a reason to feature the Democrats more than ever.

Meanwhile, mentions of McCain will be in passing. “Of course McCain wins the Texas primary… blah blah blah. Let’s take a closer look at Clinton-Obama…”

If Rudy Giuliani lost because he was not campaigning actively in the early states — and therefore was not in local media or on the national media campaigns — then how can the Republican party not suffer some negative impact from McCain fading into the background as well?

Some will point out the Republican Convention is after the Democrats. And that’s true it’s one week after. Which means we can count on the Democrats dominating the media until the end of August.

So this is what we have… a macrocosm of the Republican month of January. One candidate sitting out active campaigning until a later election. Other candidates constantly in the media for the next 7+ months.

Mitt said he backed out because he didn’t want to help elect Clinton or Obama.

Is it possible that by backing out, he is doing just that?

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2 Responses to Is Romney Backing Out Bad for the GOP?

  1. Vinny Tafuro says:

    Very interesting thoughts on how this might negatively affect the GOP.

  2. Bruce Cotton says:

    I think Huckabee stays in for one reason, to keep the GOP race in the media spotlight. If he bailed out the covergae would die out as you stated in your post and the Dems would get all the pub from now till convention time.

    I think Huck is definatley angling for the VP slot and this may be the way he does it.

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