A sign of things to come? Dem wins GOP seat

Today was the special election for House District 32 on Florida’s East Coast. The district was vacated when former Rep. Bob Allen resigned after being convicted of soliciting sex.

The seat was fairly safe – held by a Republican for some time. Bob Allen and before him Republican Randy Ball.

But tonight, at least from what I can see on the Florida Department of State website, the seat was won by a Democrat.

State Representative
District: 32
County Sean Campbell
Tony Sasso
Jerry Vadis Maynard
Brevard 8,309 8,949 1,303
Orange 1,609 1,381 106
Total 9,918 10,330 1,409
% Votes 45.8% 47.7% 6.5%

Could it be a sign of things to come?

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5 Responses to A sign of things to come? Dem wins GOP seat

  1. Bob says:

    One of the strengths of the Republican Party is its organization. We identify future candidates early and groom them for leadership positions, unlike the Democrats, who eat their young. In this particular race, no one could anticipate Bob Allen’s actions and subsequent departure from office. The Dem win was likely the combined result of voter backlash and the lack of a viable GOP candidate.

    This is not much different from the Mark Foley scandal. A Democrat won that seat, but probably will only hold it for one term.

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  3. POed Lib says:

    The Party of Scum (otherwise known as the Repukeliscum Party) has demonstrated that it has lost all legitimacy. Voters are increasingly clear that between the boylovers (Foley), the theives (Ney, Delay, Cunningham, Miller, Lewis, and about 50 others), the terminally stupid (Boehner), and the others, there are no Republicans left. Only Chris Shays, and he’s out after this cycle.

    Repukeliscum are gonna lose the NY Senate too.

  4. Bobby sounds grumpy…we eat our young…come on.

    This is a sign of a turning tide. Just wait until November.

  5. Will says:

    I see since its election season again, that the wacky far left liberal hate bloggers are out again. PO-ed Lib, you might want to try an education on the history of scandals since 1975, and find that JUST AS MANY democrats were scandalous as republicans. If you dont know that, you are blind.

    Crobinson, everyone always says the tide is turning. 2006 was a HUGE change for democrats, and FL is still heavily in republican hands.

    The mood of the general public is already starting to balance out, with preference for democrats over republicans falling from 10-12% to only 4%-6%. If this holds or continues, there will be no wave, and maybe a slight reverse to 2006.

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