Revisiting the Electoral Map

The St. Petersburg Times today has a story about the effects of Florida Democratic Delegate Conundrum on the electoral college map in the fall. Adam Smith’s conclusion: Democrats don’t need Florida to win the White House.

Of course, avid State of Sunshine readers will recall my post on the electoral map from last July, where I came to the same conclusion. Although my rationale for the GOP winning Florida was different (I thought Crist’s popularity would be holding strong through next year — and it still may).

Adam Smith posted, on the Times‘ Buzz Blog, the 2004 results with swing states highlighted:
St. Petersburg Times Electoral Map
Adam provides his insight into these swing states as well in a separate article.

Here is my map from back in July:

Jim's map from July

I built it on the website Give it a try yourself. (And fellow bloggers – post your images on your blog, and comment here with a link!)

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