John McCain Says We Should Drill Off Shore

Here’s a quiz for all you politicos out there.

Let’s say you’re a Republican running for President. Analysis of the electoral college shows that Florida is important to the GOP’s chances of winning the election — lose Florida, and it’s 27 electoral votes, and you need quite a few more states to make up for it.

Now, oil prices are high and taking gas prices with them. People are clamoring for relief.

So – do you propose more money for research on alternative energies? Nope.

Ah, what about better tax credits for hybrid or electric car purchases? Uh uh.

Okay, tax incentives for companies to encourage telecommuiting? Huh?

So, what is your solution?

Drill our way to oil independence by opening up drilling everywhere.

Yup. Here is the post card I expect Floridians to receive this fall:

A new Florida sunset... ???

John McCain just teed it up… will Obama knock it out of the park??


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7 Responses to John McCain Says We Should Drill Off Shore

  1. kate says:

    So who are you going to vote for Jimmy?

  2. liz says:

    astounding, isn’t it?!

  3. Jim Johnson says:

    At this point, Bob Barr is looking pretty good…

  4. Will says:

    Check out the rasmussen reports poll that came out that showed that McCain’s support for offshore drilling INCREASED his lead over Obama, and that 61% of Floridians want offshore drilling.

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  6. MHayden says:

    Rasmussen = GrandOilParty
    Their polling set is outdated and slanted towards Repulicers, older and conservative voters.
    Other Florida polls:
    Quinnipiac McCain 43 – Obama 47
    ARG McCain 44 – Obama 49

  7. Will says:


    You are an idiot. Rasmussen Reports has been the MOST accurate pollster for both the 2004 and 2006 statewide elections (incl presidential in 2004).

    Quinnipiac accuracy varies, they get some right and others completely wrong, and ARG is HORRIBLE at polling.

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