Qualifying Week – Day 4

The next to last day of qualifying week, and there are some interesting developments.

Closed Primaries

Two days ago, there were ten House districts featuring candidates from only one party — as of tonight, there are seven.

Here are the changes:
In House Districts 1 and 42 – a write in candidate filed.
In House District 2 – a No Party Affiliated candidate filed.

We’ll see if the remaining districts close before Noon tomorrow.

Plethora of Candidates

As of tonight, eight candidates — yes EIGHT CANDIDATES — have qualified to run for State Representative in House District 109. There is still one more active candidate who has yet to qualify. All nine of them are Democrats. House District 94 has six candidates already qualified and one more still active. All seven here, again, are Democrats.

Both of these South Florida districts, interestingly enough, are “majority minority” districts.

House District 52

Republican Ross Johnson has thrown his hat into the ring again for House District 52. Ross ran for the same seat two years ago, losing the Republican nomination to Angelo Capelli. With Capelli arrested last year on grand theft and perjury charges, Johnson will have the full support of the Republican party in this race.

Sacking the Legislature

In Tallahassee, former Florida State Seminole and Baltimore Raven linebacker Peter Boulware is running as a Republican for House District 9. He’s been running a while, so this isn’t really news. He’s just one of the more interesting candidates out there this year. HD 9 tends to be Democratic, it is Tallahassee after all, but a Black Republican will make for an interesting candidate.

A Real Race for Supervisor

Both Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections Buddy Johnson and his opponennt, former Hillsborough County Commissioner Phyllis Busansky, have qualified for the SOE race. This will clearly be one of the most interesting races here in the Tampa Bay area, given races for Supervisors of Elections have rarely been competitive.

Quite a few candidates in the Tampa Bay area have not yet qualified. Tomorrow should be interesting.

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