Poll from the “Well, Duh!” Department – Drilling OK for Lower Gas Prices

Check out this gem from the Q – Palm Beach Post’s political blog:

Rasmussen Reports hit the telephones yesterday to find out how drilling for oil in state waters would play in the presidential race in Florida.

Told offshore drilling would drop gas prices, 45 percent of Democrats said they supported Republican John McCain’s position. Overall, 61 percent of Floridians agreed.

Told that Democrat Barack Obama opposes offshore drilling, McCain’s lead in the state increases from 8 points to 11 points.

Will pointed out the same poll in a comment on my previous post on McCain’s oil drilling proposal.

From Rasmussen, here is the actual question and results:

John McCain favors offshore oil drilling to help bring down the cost of oil and gas. Barack Obama opposes offshore oil drilling and says it will not bring down the cost of oil and gas. Knowing this, how likely is it that offshore oil drilling would bring down the cost of oil and gas?

37% Very likely
24% Somewhat likely
19% Not very likely
15% Not at all likely
6% Not sure

They need to add the explanation that it would be at least 10 years before the first drop of oil would be pulled from any of these areas. This doesn’t tell me they support drilling, just that they tend to believe drilling for oil would cut gas prices.

Meanwhile within that 10 years, there are a number of other things our government can do to reduce our addition to oil:
* Invest in alternative fuel vehicles through direct research
* Create financial incentives for people to buy more fuel-efficient vehicles (tax credits on personal or corporate income taxes, no sales taxes or registration fees for them, etc)
* Mandate better fleet standards faster (although I hate regulation, I can not fathom why GM, Ford, et al simply do not attempt to make cars that go 50pmg or more.

To be sure, the simple laws of supply and demand say one way to lower prices is to increase supply: hence the drilling proposal. Of course, those same laws say that reducing demand will lower prices as well. Reducing demand is also better for the environment.

So, next time Rassmussen, don’t ask a simple question without giving them at lest some level of accurate information.

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  1. Jon says:

    Or we could just wait for the oil commodity market to crash when investors move back to real estate or tech companies or whatever the new new thing is. That’ll happen before 10 years pass.

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