Mr. Obvious: It’s not looking good for McCain

Okay, so I decided to take a look at Real Clear Politics‘ polls in battleground states and post those results to an electoral map on 270toWin.

The result: President Barack Obama — by a heck of a lot. 330 electoral votes to 270 electoral votes.

The only state that is not accurate is Georgia. Most polls still do not include Libertarian candidate Bob Barr, the former Republican Congressman from Georgia. I do not think Barr could win the state, but he will take votes from McCain. Add to that an increase black turnout, and the state will go to Obama.

So here is the map (click to enlarge):

June 2008 Electoral Map

So, what do you think?

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6 Responses to Mr. Obvious: It’s not looking good for McCain

  1. Steve Burden, Lutz, FL says:

    At this point in the race, it ALWAYS looks good for democrats.

    Capitalists are out making money to pay for the goverment giveaways to the other half of the voting population that don’t pay taxes.

    They don’t have time to pay attention to politics, yet.

  2. Jim Peterson says:

    Bob Barr’s poll numbers need to rise so high BEFORE the Republican convention that:

    1) McCain steps down for “health reasons” to be replaced by a more libertarian candidate.

    2) McCain choses Sanford or another libertarian VP candidate.

    I got into politics because the Republicans stabbed me in the back with the IMBRA law, which requires that Americans traveling overseas need to be background checked in order to say hello to a foreign woman via a dating website. Even a married man would draw the line at continuing to support a Republican Party that would turn their backs on basic human rights like saying hello without a background check.

  3. Will says:

    Other than Georgia going to Obama, I think the map is “currently” accurate based on american viewpoints now.

    Will things change, who knows. But as of now, i would put Obama at 315 to McCain at 225

  4. Bryan Farris says:

    I would agree with you with two exceptions. I think NC will go for McCain and I think Indiana may very well be the shocker of the cycle and vote Democrat for the first time since 1964!

  5. Bryan Farris says:

    Oh, and you need to flip Michigan to the Democrats. No way, Granholm, Levin and Stabenow are going to let McCain have that prize!

  6. Jim Johnson says:

    I will be doing new posts like this every so often, using the RCP polls and 270 to win maps.

    When Dukakis was up big this far out, and Clinton was in 3rd place … it’s hard to say that today’s polls are really effective at predicting the election.

    However, I can tell you — news organizations need to stop polling nationally. It doesn’t matter who the country as a whole feels. Only how each state feels.

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