Skip Campbell to Drop Out

The Buzz and Q are reporting that Skip Campbell will drop out of his Senate race against Republican President-designate Jeff Atwater.

Nothing official yet.

This could have been an interesting race. But I am guessing this one was about money.

Republicans were very upset when Campbell announced. There is an unspoken tradition in the Florida Legislature that incoming leaders of both parties tend to get a pass during the election preceding their term. With Jeff Atwater designated as the Republican candidate for Senate President the next two years, tradition would give him a pass this year. So bucking that tradition was sticking a thumb in the Republican eye.

So, with Campbell falling on the sword, it could make the rest of the Senate campaigns a bit more wide open.

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2 Responses to Skip Campbell to Drop Out

  1. Bryan Farris says:

    Jim –

    That didn’t seem to bother Republican conscienes any when the Republican Dick Graham took out Sam Bell the year he was Speaker Designate (1988). Or for that matter, when the Democrats took out John Renke as he was posed to be Minority Leader (1992).

    There is no tradition other than the opposition party usually not having anyone heavyweight enough to take on a “leader disignate”. Skip was such a person and Atwater probably would not have survived considering this year’s political climate. Atwater just dodged the silver bullet!

  2. Bob says:

    Don’t speak too soon! It’s not over yet for Atwater! Skip Campbell’s replacement in the Dem race, Linda Bird, has been vetted with over twenty years of decision-making influence and strong political relationships in Browards County.

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