Florida Joins Powerball


The Miami Herald is reporting:

The Florida Lottery has decided to reverse course and join 29 other states to offer the mega-jackpot Powerball game in an effort to boost sagging state revenues.

The state’s lottery director, Leo DiBenigno, said in a written statement that Florida was offering the new game because it was “being responsive to its customers. Florida Lottery players and retailers have been asking for Powerball for many years.”

The decision to offer Powerball conflicts with the lottery’s position just last year, when DiBenigno said it would hurt the Florida Lottery’s existing sales.

”It cannibalizes our other sales,” he told The Miami Herald last September. Now, his agency said in a press release that Powerball would ”raise millions of additional dollars for education,” but it wouldn’t specify how much.

It’s clearly interesting that Governor Crist has signed a pact with the Seminole and now will add a multi-million lottery to the state’s offering. With the economy hurting, I am sure everyone could find a way to spend lottery winnings.

For what it’s worth, as of post time, the estimated Powerball jackpot is $85 million.

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