VP Stakes: Obama-Hagel? McCain-Lieberman?

Okay, folks… what if the major candidates picked across the aisle for the VP?

John McCain-Joe Lieberman would not be a major surprise. After all Lieberman, the independent-former-Democratic Senator from Connecticut, endorsed McCain a long time ago.

How would Republicans, especially conservatives, feel if Lieberman is actually selected?

Sure — it may never happen — but if you consider that general elections are about the middle, selecting Lieberman would make more sense than, say picking Mitt Romney or Tommy Tancredo.

On the flip side, I can see a much more bizarre scenario where Barack Obama selects Chuck Hagel.

Hagel is clearly a conservative, the antithesis of Obama in many policy areas. They do agree, however, on the Iraq war.

Moreover, Hagel could help in many midwestern states. Nebraska would certainly go for Obama, and perhaps Iowa and Missouri. Hagel has a military background, and could help with foreign affairs.

Finally, if Obama supporters really believe in his mantra (“There are no Red States or Blue States, there are United States.”), then going across the aisle would be the most obvious way to stand up for what you believe.

How would Democrats, especially progressives, feel if Hagel is actually selected?

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