State of Sunshine Welcomes Two New Contributors

The State of Sunshine is proud to announce that Vince Mariano, the former blogger of Yankee in Gator Country from Boca Raton, and Eric Wall, a member of the Bay County Republican Executive Committee, have signed on as contributors. Additionally, Darren Shields has returned to an active role.

Vince, a self-described movement conservative, unwaveringly promotes conservative ideals and principles in the grand tradition of Burke, Kirk, and Buckley. He honed a keen eye for political posturing and deceit over two decades of watching hard-hitting television programs- Firing Line, McLaughlin Group, Crossfire, Meet The Press, & The Simpsons- not to mention spending countless late nights watching the votes from the House floor trickle in on C-SPAN.

Eric is more libertarian, serving as a field coordinator, precinct leader and county treasurer for the Ron Paul 2008 presidential campaign, with responsibilities all across the Florida Panhandle. A U.S. Army veteran, he is active member of groups like the Republican Liberty Caucus and the Tax Cap coalition. He is also a precinct committeeman for the Bay County Republican Party.

Darren’s political ties go back to his days in the College Republicans at the University of Florida, where he went on to head all Florida College Republicans. With a degree in computer science he has held a number of jobs in information technology and now lives in Tampa where he owns Workflow Mobility, Inc., a technology consulting firm. Politics never being far from his mind, he continues to be involved in local campaigns.

Please check back for the great posts from these State of Sunshine contributors.

The State of Sunshine is looking for a moderate to conservative Floridians who would be interested in sharing their political thoughts and analysis with the world. Anyone interested can contact Jim Johnson, Publisher of the State of Sunshine at jim [at] StateOfSunshine [dot] com.

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3 Responses to State of Sunshine Welcomes Two New Contributors

  1. Eric Wall says:

    Thank you again Jim. I appreciate the opportunity to engage in constructive dialogue with your readers.

  2. Congrads. I look forward to reading your stuff!

  3. Sarah Lovett says:

    Big Thumbs Up to The State of Sunshine for selecting Eric Wall. He is a great find!! I look forward to reading his blogs. He always seems to have that extra bit of insight and information we all can use!!

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