White House or Waffle House?

Like most Americans, I tried to spend the last weekend focused on barbecue, beach and beer. Nonetheless, I was taken aback by comments by Barack Obama.

Senator Obama has long espoused the belief that government held more wisdom than the people when it comes to the redistribution of wealth in our country. Far be it for me, a tax-payer in Hillsborough County, Florida, to criticize the wisdom of someone from Chicago’s Hyde Park when it comes to wellfare.

Nonethess, I almost dropped the religion and guns that I cling to when I heard the Senator announce that more social benefits should be piped through religious groups versus large government entities to help the poor and down-trodden.

Doesn’t Obama realize that these are the very groups that his party has fought so vociferously against?

Where is the hue and cry that got mainstream liberals so upset with George W. Bush only a few years ago when he suggested the same thing?

Rather than trying to understand peoples’ motives, I instead choose that they have the most noble intentions at heart. I shall therefore assume that Sen. Obama is simply trying to be inclusive. Nonetheless, how can someone state intentions such as those above and contradict their earlier positions? Either they are becoming more aware of the reality of the world at large or are simply courting voters of other ilk. I certainly hope it’s the former.

Here’s an interesting story: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/07/09/us/politics/09campaign.html

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One Response to White House or Waffle House?

  1. I’ve bashed Obama on continuing Bush’s faith-based program and FISA.

    You’re not seriously going to argue that the Faith-based initiatives. The Christian leaders the Bushies brought in publicly stated the White House only cared about getting more Christian voters. The program was never intended to be successful.

    Obama is smartly exploiting McCain’s weakness with Christian voters. Obama can keep Christian conservatives at home and swing moderates to his side. McCain is ignoring the base. The truth is the Maverick hates the Christian Right. Many Beltway Republicans do. McCain isn’t screwd enough of a pol to hide his contempt.

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