Obama is the Next Clinton?

I wanted to opine briefly about Sen. Obama’s recent comments regarding the increased use of faith based groups to distribute government funded social services. He proudly made this statement while in a church and standing in front of a large cross.

Does anyone remember when George W. Bush pushed for the same thing? The ACLU was up in arms! The left in America announced that we were becoming a theocracy!

Where is the outrage now?

What interests me is that he is clearly trying to bring in voters outside of his normal circle (the very liberal arm of the Democratic party). He now is trying to appeal to the more mainstream members of the party. You know, the folks who cling to guns and religion.

Cagle Cartoon

Some will simply say that Obama is trying appear as a centrist. Of course we all know that’s nonsense, but if anyone has had success in that regard it was the Clintons. Bill did a brilliant job of this in 1992 against Bush 41. He simply acted and spoke like more of a Republican than the Republican nominee.

That year it was very easy. The economy was weak and Bush had badly damaged his image with his base by breaking his pledge on new taxes.

2008 will be much more interesting. McCain really is a centrist. While this has raised the ire of many conservatives who wanted a less liberal nominee, they almost certainly will back McCain in the end, as Obama is so liberal that they will fear him being elected.

Obama is definitely on the right track. If he can continue to appear as a moderate, he well could win. One poll I read yesterday reports a statistical dead heat against McCain. The only thing he has to fear is the race turning to a discussion of issues or voting record. It’s unlike that the average vote in America really knows how liberal this liberally is.

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