Fellow Floridians, Embrace CO2 Emissions AND Offshore Drilling.

It’s true that these sentiments fly in the face of the conventional wisdom, the environmentalists, and Governor Charlie Crist. There is however ample evidence that shows that both increased CO2 emissions and offshore drilling would be better for our planet and our economy. Over the past two years, it has been painful to watch the shameless environmental posturing by Governor Crist as he declares one “green” initiative after another.

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Don’t get me wrong- there’s nothing wrong with conservation, but there’ s also nothing wrong with increased levels of consumption and production either. And since I like keeping our communities and surrounding environment clean, I guess that qualifies me as an environmentalist. That being said, I do not share any of the aims of the so-called environmental groups whose primary goals are to thwart human activity, production, and development- irregardless of the costs to their countrymen.

What we need to do first is remove the federal moratorium on outer-continental shelf drilling and leave drilling exploration up to the states. The President has just removed the executive order prohibiting offshore drilling, in effect since 1990, and that’s a start. The remainder of the federal moratorium is maintained by the Democratic-led House and Senate, but fissures are showing in their resolve to maintain the moratorium because it is becoming increasingly unpopular. We need to encourage Congress to move on this issue- now!

Kudos to Congresswoman Ginny-Brown Waite (R) CD-5, and her call for lifting the moratorium on offshore drilling. I would further encourage her to revisit the 125-mile restriction on drilling off the coast that she has supported in the past. We can drill much closer to our shores, and do so in an environmentally sensitive way. It is nothing less than a matter of national security and economic necessity.

For those of you who fear we’re going to spoil our pristine beaches if we commence drilling off the coast of Florida, take a different look at the issue- oil drilling actually curtails the amount of seepage of oil and gas that ultimately winds up on the beach. This is where Governor Crist needs to go on this issue- Jeb Bush changed his mind on coastal drilling, and so should Governor Crist.

That leads us to “climate change” and its relationship to oil consumption. It is current environmentalist dogma that ties increased oil consumption, automobile usage, and any CO2 emissions directly to “global warming”, hence their desire to see the consumption of oil curtailed. But lo and behold- many reputable scientists now acknowledge that increased CO2 emissions are good for the planet- even referring to CO2 as “nature’s fertilizer”. Why then would we want less CO2 emissions if that is the case? So go forth people of good cheer- drive your cars, performance cars and SUVs even!, enjoy your BBQs, and populate the earth with CO2 emitting human beings. CO2 is not a pollutant, no matter how much the environmentalists wish it to be.

We need to take on the flawed assumptions of the supporters of anthropogenic global warming head on and reassert the following first principle- while human beings can and do affect Microclimates, we are utterly incapable of altering the planetary climate, which in large part hinges on solar activity. No matter how many bonfires we build, no matter how many SUVs we drive, no matter how many light bulbs we change, the natural processes of earth and solar system will always dictate our climate. It’s up to us to adjust to any natural climatological change which occurs on our planet, as we have done from time immemorial. We would also do well to reacquaint ourselves with the fact of our infinitesimally small place within the larger scheme of creation.

Forget about taking seriously forecasters who attempt to predict the climate in the future- it is a useless endeavor. Our elected leaders, both domestically and internationally, need to stop the shameless pandering and posturing. Who will be the leaders that make a clean break with the flawed assumptions and mistakes of the past without apology?

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