Have it Both Ways!

Nancy Pelosi has a delightful outlook on life. Remember when several of the Democratic representatives balked at the tax rebate that President Bush proposed last year?

Well, the times they are a-changin’!

Don’t misunderstand me. I fully understand election year politics and even pandering, but this is getting crazy.

Now Madame Speaker is leading the charge to have another rebate!

Again, I’m getting very confused. I never claimed to be the sharpest tool in the shed, but it seems like the Democrats are trying to out-conserve the conservatives. What better than lowering — or returning — taxes?

Look, I may be a fiscal conservative, but I understand politics. How hard was it for Reagan to lower taxes in ’81? Not very! What congressman ever want to vote against lowering (or rebating) taxes?

Granted, she has the most noble of causes in mind — stimulating the economy.

Why is the economy in particularly bad shape? Mostly due to high energy costs. She hasn’t offered anything substantive to solve this problem. The president at least did his part by repealing the executive moritoreum on offshore drilling. While not completely the answer, that alone drove oil prices down by $9 per barrel in a single day.

Here’s my problem: Pelosi is not only pandering; she’s irresponsible. Why?

She didn’t just try to appeal to most taxpayers by saying that she’d rebate our hard-earned money, but additionally stated that she’d increase spending to “include additional spending for roads and other infrastructure, expanded unemployment benefits, home-heating assistance for low-income families and aid for states struggling with budget deficits,” according to a Bloomberg aricle.

Think about this for a minute. What would a family budget session at the Pelosi household sound like?

“Dear, I was thinking about our current financial state. You know, the issue of spending more than we earn?

“I was thinking that a nice way to regain affluence would be for us to give away much of the cash we have on hand (rather than paying for our bills) and then taking that vacation we’d always dreamed of. We can just charge it!”

I personally hope Ms. Pelosi returns to being a hotelier versus becoming a financial planner after she leaves office.

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