Just ’cause She’s a Woman?

Was Sarah Palin simply chosen because she’s a woman?

No way. Instead, she was chosen because she supports gun rights, offshore drilling and smaller government. She fought corruption and worked for lower taxes. These are all synonyms for the word “Republican”.

I mean, come on! Do you really think liberal women are going to be duped into voting for the McCain ticket just because he chose a female running mate?

If you want to make any charge of pandering, you could argue that this was more of an effort to reconnect with the conservative base than to woo former Hillary supporters. McCain feels no love from the far right.

Still not convinced? Look at the runners-up. Both Tom Ridge and Joe Liberman are pro-choice. And Lieberman is probably viewed by most conservatives as another McCain – too conservative to be a Democrat, but still to liberal to be a Republican. Neither of them would have cemented the base McCain needs to win.

Is it working?

Immediately after the announcement, the McCain campaign raised over $4 million on-line. They raised over $10 million within the following two days.

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3 Responses to Just ’cause She’s a Woman?

  1. Sources in the McCain campaign told the Times and Post they didn’t do a background check after McCain gave her the VP.

    Cynical, what was the Draft Fred Thompson movement all about. Thompson couldn’t remember what he voted for in the Senate and hated campaigning.

    Biden was selected to counter the experience argument against Obama. Palin was selected to exploit angry Hillary supporters and gain support in the Christian Right base. The weaknesses McCain has. I’m a Democrat, but I don’t bullshit myself about the Biden pick. You shouldn’t kid yourself about Palin.

  2. WakeBoarder says:

    Obama Biden
    Osama Binladen
    There are no coincidences.
    You should be scared. I know it worries me.

  3. Tom Bilbo says:

    Accusations of Obama’s religion or militant affiliations are ludicrous attempts to discredit a candidate. You should base your accusations on fact, not rumor.

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